Rachel Hess - Native American
Basket Weaver & Designer

rachel hess - native american basket weaver, designer, cradle boards

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Native Cradle Boards

Cradle Boards were the main modes of tranporting small children for Native People. They were and are a modern day baby cradle. Their unique architecture make them a suitable and comfortable method for carrying infant to toddler-age children.

All Cradle Boards designed by Rachel Hess are made with traditional native methods and implore unique designs for both male and female babies.ß

About Me

Rachel Hess is a Miwok & Paiute artist and designer specializing in creating authentic American Indian basketry and accessories. Rachel's American Indian heritiage runs deep into her designs and inspirations. Her great grandmothers were world-class basket weavers from Yosemite Valley and her sister and mother are involved in American Indian basketry.

Her fine craftsmanship and artistry is evident throughout each project , as only authentic and true-to-nature materials are used. She is able to create custom works of art for any avid collector or client.


Most project are designed for special request. If you are interested in purchasing or custom work, please feel free to send an email to: